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We are Open!



August 21, 2023,                                9 AM - 6 PM


August 22, 2023,                                9 AM - 6 PM


August  23, 2023,                                 9 AM - 6 PM


    August 24, 2023,                              9  AM - 6 PM    


    August  25, 2023,                              10 AM - 6 PM


     August  26, 2023,                                 CLOSED 


        August  27, 2023,                             CLOSED



(Walk-Ins are Welcome)

No Appointments Needed


Serving Government Agencies, Private Companies, and Individual Citizens

Welcome to L.A.W Livescan Consultant, LLC

Avoid the stress of long lines and leave the work to us. Turn to L.A.W Livescan Consultant, LLC of Maryland for reliable Security, Investigative, Notary Services and Save-A-Life Training. Entrust our team to process: Ink / Livescan Fingerprinting, Background Checks, Signing Agent Title Insurance Procedure (Residential / Commercial) Contracts, and Court Document Filing.

Trustworthy Team

We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and you can trust our expertise in addressing your needs. Our specialized trainers provide on-demand services in Maryland and neighboring Counties and States.

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